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D&C after Miscarriage - Is a D&C Necessary?
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D&C After Miscarriage, When is it Necessary?

Most women who experience an early miscarriage will not need to have any intervention or treatment, as miscarriage is a natural occurance that the body instigates. When a pregnancy is not viable, the uterus begins to contract and usually empties itself completely.

Doctors may reccomend a D&C under the following circumstances:

  • you are bleeding very heavily, or bleeding out of control due to the retention of pregnancy tissues
  • you have an uterine infection due to retained tissues
  • you retain tissues even after your bleeding has stopped and your cervix has closed
  • an ultrasound exam has confirmed that your baby has died, or that you have a blighted ovum and you are too distraught to wait for the possible many weeks it may take for the actual miscarriage to begin (Please note that this is a very viable reason for opting to have a D&C, it may be extremely distressing for you to carry a baby that has died. Please also know that many women will also find peace in waiting for a natural miscarriage to occur - neither choice is wrong.)

A D&C is usually performed in the hospital under a general anesthetic. The cervix is gently widened and the remaing tissues in the uterus are removed from the lining of the uterus using a curretage, sometimes in conjunction with a suction evacuator. You will usually be sent home to recover the same day. You may experience mild bleeding and discomfort fro several days after. Your health care provider will give you complete instruction for your physical recovery.

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