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La Belle Dame - handmade jewelry handmade jewelry to support the spirit handmade jewelry handcrafted by Kimberly de Montbrun
"I met a lady in the meads,
Full beautiful - a faery's child,
Her hair was long, her foot was light,
And her eyes were wild.""
La Belle Dame Sans Merci"
~John Keats 1819


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handmade earrings / handcrafted earrings

Unique Handmade Earrings and Handcrafted Jewelry by Artisan Kimberly de Montbrun
each handcrafted piece is packaged in an organza jewelry bag and a descriptive story card

citrine briolette dangle earrings
dazzle earrings
sterling silver and gemstone briolettes

I am bedazzled by these stones. The subtle colour of them, the sparkle, the weight of the teardrops. I love the whimsical cool texture of the oxidised silver, set against the controlled polish and warm glimmer of the citrine and lavender amethyst. They catch the eye as they new favourites!

Match them up with our briolette pendant necklaces!

$49.00 US

citrine and amethyst brioleete dangles
sterling and amethyst briolette dangle earrings

handmade sterling and pearl artisan earrings

purity earrings
pearls in a sterling frame handcrafted earrings

Genuine freshwater pearls are lovingly surrounded by hammered sterling ovals and suspended from hammered and handmade sterling earrwires.

Pearls are a long standing symbol of purity, virtue and innocence. Here they are embraced and protected from the world beyond...

$38.00 US

handcrafted coin pearl and sterling silver earrings

new moon - full moon earrings
coin pearl and sterling hoop handmade earrings

The phases of the moon are captured in these simple coin pearl and sterling handcrafted earrings. Hammered sterling circles depict the new moon, with the mirror image of the full moon captured below.


handmade gem stone iolite and sterling silver earrings

wintersong earrings
Thai silver and iolite gem stone handmade earrings

Hammered and stamped sterling silver rings frame two delicately faceted iolite gemstones. Handmade sterling earring wires.

$32.00 US

artisan thai sterling and aquamarine gem earrings'

frostflower earrings
aquamarine gem and thai silver handmade earrings

These earrings remind me of my garden after the first real frost of the season - the way that the frost clings to the vines, and flowers delicately droop below. A new season has begun...

Hill tribe sterling flowers are suspended from aquamarine chips and handmade and hammered sterling earwires.

$36.00 US

winterberry sterling handmade earrings with gemstones

winterberry earrings
garnet gem stone and Hill tribe silver handmade earrings

I love these tiny little garnets. As soon as I saw them, they reminded me of the ruby red rosehips that line our fields in winter - something I had never seen before moving to our farm on Prince Edward Island. The birds peck away at them all winter, and they are so very vivid against the snow.

Three tiny garnet berries dangle from hill tribe sterling beads. Handcrafted sterling earring wires.

These earrings are a perfect match to our winterberry bracelet.

$32.00 US

dragonfly handcrafted gem and sterling earrings

dragonfly and amethyst earrings
dragonfly and amethyst gem stone handcrafted earrings

A symbol of change and transformation, the dragonfly reminds to be open to new experiences and to welcome the changes that life brings. A sterling dragonfly is suspended in flight from a tiny coin amethyst gem, to help support us through change, by reducing stress and offering calm and clarity of mind.

These handmade earrings are a perfect match to our dragonfly and amethyst handmade necklace, as well as our transformations memorial necklace and bracelet.

$28.00 US

handcrafted forged sterling earring hoops

forged sterling hoop handcrafted earrings

Simple and yet stunning, these are a jewelry classic, and a daily basic. Handmade hoops are carefully hammered to a sparkly finish.


handmade silver earring hoops with gem stones

forged sterling and gem stone
handmade hoop earrings

Delicate and tiny amethyst coins dangle from our forged handcrafted hoops. Amethyst charms may be removed and tucked away when you want a simple look, and slid back onto the hoops when you are looking for a small dash of colour.


handmade hoop earrings with labradorite gems

forged sterling hoops handcrafted earrings with labradorite gem stone charms

Small rondelle irredescent labradorite rondelles dangle and glitter from handmade hammered silver hoops. The charms are removeable when you wish to wear the hoops simply, and may be added back on when you need that extra glimmer.

$36.00 US

silver handmade hoops with gems

sterling celtic butterfly earrings with malachite gems

malachite celtic butterfly handmade earrings

Faceted malachite beads dangle from sterling celtic butterflies. Butterflies are a symbol of the human soul, and malachite is said to be a mirror of the soul. It takes what is buried within and reflects it back to the world....

$32.00 US

amethyst and sterling waterfall earrings

peaceful mind
amethyst and sterling handmade earrings

Natural amethyst chips dangle delicately from sterling silver chain. Amethyst is said to bring about a peaceful and calm state of mind. Amethysts ease tension and worries, relieving our day to day stress. All this, and pretty to boot. Not to mention, they also match our peaceful mind necklace exquisitely.

$18.00 US

Jewelry design, photos, and text Copyright 2004, Kimberly McIntyre - de Montbrun
La Belle